Hail Metalheads from around the world !

MetalReviews, since its creation in 2000, never went offline more than a few hours total and we never missed a weekly update either. Our database contains 10693+ reviews and the numbers are growing weekly. Metalreviews.com is now faced with a difficult task, and that task is to provide you a better looking site with more features ! This has been in the works for quite some time but the fact that the site was custom-coded for us makes things difficult to migrate towards a new system. Very soon we'll release a version 2 of Metalreviews which will mainly be an intermediate version with much better looks and some features. We'll then continue the works toward a v3.0 which should be a version from which the site can truly evolve.

To do so we have to spend quite some money on different elements for the site, and that is why the Donation section was created, hoping that those who find Metalreviews.com useful might want to help us out during that transition period. We've just noticed that the Donate paypal button does'nt work with Internet Exploder 6 (maybe other versions too) and it should now be fixed. Its always possible to send your donations by paypal to donate@metalreviews.com directly too (in case you have problems with your browser, in which case don't hesitate to contact us).

We thank you for your support,
In Metal We Trust !

The Metalreviews Team !