This Interview was conducted through email, thanks to Angelo from Scarlet Records for setting this up. Please check out my review of their latest disc Tasting The Tears HERE.
1. I have been a long time fan of the band, and throughout the years, you have changed styles, from progressive metal in the early days to more of Progressive/Power Metal now, with some heavier almost thrasher sound? When you went into writing those discs, did you have a specific idea of what you wanted it to sound like, or did it all come together in the studio?
Everything came out naturally... Actually we never really sat at a table before the songwriting of each of our 9 albums!! It all depends on the mood of the moment or the life matters me and Eugene (we write the 90% of all Eldritch stuff since the 1st record) are going through. So we could say that it all comes through in the studio…
Do you feel Tasting The Tears, is a natural progression of your last disc, Gaia’s Legacy?  While Gaia’s Legacy had a concept to it, about global warming, did Tasting The Tears have a shared concept throughout the songs?
Yeah, this record is kind of a concept about love in all its forms... This time I wrote about real things that had happened or are happening to me in these last years... Friendship failures, broken relationships, family matters, new born love stories... etc... It definitely is a natural progression of our previous release, but this time around the structure of the songs is more “in your face” and catchy....
With new readers visiting our site on a regular basis, if you had to sum up Eldritch in a few words, how would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it?
Well, Eldritch is a technical art metal band, with some thrashy riffs mixed with melodic hard rock vocals and progressive touches here and there!!! Our music is yes progressive and original but the songs are quite short and essential in their complication!
After your last album was released, a few dates were announced and performed here in the USA, are there plans of returning to the states again sometime soon?
We really hope to!! But there’s nothing planned at the moment... We’d like to come back to the PPUSA but it doesn’t depend on us... This new album is selling great, so it’ll be a shame if we don’t promote it worldwide!!!. Let’s keep our fingers crossed...
Speaking of touring are there any immediate plans for dates this coming spring or summer that we should tell our readers about?
As I said, we are working on some shows, mostly here in Italy and Europe, but nothing official for this spring/summer yet!! Maybe we’ll postpone the tour for fall/winter...
I don't know if its me but I noticed the new songs are more progressive than they have been in awhile? Was this the plan?  To me it sounds like you took some of your best early music and combined it with a later day release, like Blackenday?  Would you say that is accurate?
Yeah you’re right!! This new shit sounds like our early era stuff combined with our catchier stuff like you mentioned... It wasn’t the plan, but we liked how it came out!!! The keyboards gave a good taste and the riffing is crunchy.. The vocals are catchy and passionate.... I think it’s one of our best works till now!
Congratulations on another well performed,and well received disc, is there anything you would like to say to the MetalReviews readers out there?
Thanks to you for the great support and thanks to whoever will give a try and a listen to Eldritch!! We’re growing constantly in the U.S. and our dream is to tour every state there one day!! Rock on; Terry.

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