This review took place on August 26th, 2015 in person at Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago. Borealis joined Oceans Of Slumber, Voyager and headliner, Evergrey.
So tell the Metalreviews reader's about how Borealis came to be, and where you are now.
It originally started with a female singer, which was more like operatic like a Nightwish. It didn’t work out with her, and we had a show with the band Sonata Arctica, and I decided to sing instead. Also the reaction from the crowd, was better than expected and so I decided to be the singer. World of Silence our first cd, was a mix of what we were doing before, and newer songs we wrote with me on vocals. When Fall From Grace came out, that was the sounded we wanted, with the heavier guitar with male vocals. When we wrote Purgatory, the orchestrations were a big part of it, because its so atmospheric and adds another layer to it.
So with Purgatory, it seems to tell a seamless story are the songs connected in some way?
Yes it is a concept album, and the story we had was very deep, and sometimes its hard to portray that in our songs. Its a story about a mother who does in childbirth of her daughter, and her daughter’s father is unable to look at her, because it reminds him of her mother.
So with the first single, My Peace is ?
The part the story when she wants to be reunited with her mother. Because of her sins, she was sent to purgatory and needed to find her way out and with the last song Revelation she is reunited with her mother.
With the way the lyrics are, are they from a religious point of view or personal experiences?
We like add personal experiences to our songs, but as far as the spiritualistic part, none of us consider ourselves religious, and we have nothing against it, we have songs like Fall From Grace, and My Peace, they have religious themes.
Was there anything from From Fall From Grace era on this disc?
No, it was written so long ago, that we were just focused on Fall From Grace back then. I honestly think My Peace is our strongest song.
With all the acronym’s in music, how would you describe your music?
honestly think just Melodic Metal, cause we have a lot of influences
Favorite bands, three to five favorites that have influenced you?
Evergrey, Symphony X, Seventh Wonder, Noctural Rites, and even heavier bands like Scar Symmetry.
With MetalReviews, a site that has been around for a long time, is there anything you like to say to the fans?
Thank you for all the support and sticking with us, we had a long hiatus between albums.

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