Good Rats - Cover Of Night
Frontiers Records
US Hard Rock
12 songs (48'29)
Release year: 2000
Frontiers Records
Reviewed by Danny

It starts with an hard rock riff and immediately this melodic guitar hit me : this is Joshua or what ! And voice of the singer is pretty same as Rod Stewart ! "Cover Of Night" remember me the best "melodic" song of Journey or Joshua (Surrender). The kind of song that makes you feel good. Second track is more groovy, "à la" Motley Crüe (Smokin' In The Boy's Room). Third track (different piano effects ; western, some organ, 30's) is really strange, especially with this type of voice : welcome to Chicago Rock. "Crazy, Wild and Angry" (4th track) is more traditional ... and this guitar sound reminds me again the US Hard Rock, very groovy, with an impressive guitar solo. And so one, till the end of this "good" record. Typical 80's hard rock. Nothing new here, but songs are good.
The production is crystal clear, sound is cool. Well done "Rats".
Have a nice day. Get in your car and hit the play button. Enjoy your trip.

Killing Songs :
Cover Of Night, Crazy Wild & Angry, Thunder Rocks My Soul
Danny quoted 75 / 100
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