Goat Sperm - Voice in the Womb
Inferna Profundus Records
Black Death Metal
3 songs (18'23")
Release year: 2018
Reviewed by Alex
Surprise of the month

Ukrainian black metal. If you think of Drudkh, or folk laden atmospheric black metal, then Voice in the Womb will disappoint. But looking at the EP title, would you expect anything atmospheric?

Goat Sperm. If you are looking for raw black metal, the moniker certainly allows traveling in that direction. Yet this particular mysterious Ukrainian collective, just on these three tracks, shows much more than unabashed rawness. In many a spot militaristic and dense, with devouring muscular vocals, Voice in the Womb often displays a death foundation for its blackened spirit (Into the Deep Waters of Catacombs). Deep and rousing, the music on the EP rolls over in waves taking breaks away from its powerful rhythmic foundation.

Most importantly, Voice in the Womb is about feeling. From heart rending to chaotic, the title track is vile, violent, war and bestial, all combined in one, at the same time piping in the orthodox choir a la Deathspell Omega, but in an authentic way, like only Eastern Slavs can. XXIV Elders is equal part tight rhythmic and cosmic flow, and its production is nothing Ukrainian dreamy, but savage and brutal instead. Ominous, the song crushes with 2+ minute of closing church bell tolling (too long?), and it is anyone’s guess what the occasion is for this lament.

The identities of Goat Sperm creators are mystery to me, and, truthfully, I am not in the mood doing the research. Voice in the Womb coming from unknown unidentified sources – it tastes better this way.

Killing Songs :
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