Nochnoy Dozor - Nochnoy Dozor
Ambient Gothic
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Release year: 2018
Reviewed by Alex

It would be an honest admission to say I have checked out Nochnoy Dozor eponymous EP because of their moniker. Being from Greece, but using a Russian name for Night Watch, also sharing it with a Russian modern fantasy movie, it drew my interest.

The opener Black Hand presented sort of a gothic metal but with an edge. Non-linear trippy interesting percussion pushing the song along, with strong yet quirky female vocals, Black Hand sits at the intersection of The Gathering and Lacuna Coil with some melodies reminiscent of modern day Katatonia. Stains is somewhere between serene and morose with nerves pushed subtly underneath. The slightly processed vocals take us on a dark flight until sadness spills out to drench everything.

Taking cues from more established names but trying to find their own path, Nochnoy Dozor connected with me in places when things weren’t dialed up in the heaviness department. I’d rather listen to dreamy ambient “wake me up” Home Sick Home with its trippiness and instrumental ending than slower and grungier Closer or chord slamming All Mine. I certainly hope Nochnoy Dozor doesn’t take that route to pursue one-in-many radio rockers. Ben Hur (biblical?) also got a bit weird. That composition’s ambiance is interrupted by funeral doom chording and edgy laments. All of it may certainly have a prayer feeling or desperation bent, but chopped up it is dragging somewhat without a necessary flow.

Cold gothic yes, modern grunge no, Nochnoy Dozor started pretty good, slipped in places (for me anyway), but was an interesting listen in many a spot. Kudos to the lady singer and the drummer.

Killing Songs :
Black Hand, Stains
Alex quoted 70 / 100
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