Various Artists - Servants of Chaos II
Debemur Morti Productions
Black and Dark Metal
15 songs (96' 31")
Release year: 2018
Debemur Morti Productions
Reviewed by Andy

Underground extreme metal label Debemur Morti's 15-year anniversary was this past year, and in honor of that unblessed event, the label has put together a compilation of new tracks from some of their flagship artists last month. Servants of Chaos II, accordingly, has little in common from track to track, but a number of the bands are well-known veterans of the black metal scene, and the work of the newcomers has been very well received, so it's all fairly high-quality stuff.

The dark metal of the October Falls track, Without Credence, is probably the odd one out in this case, with the softer and more introspective sound that one might expect from that project. The rest are varying shades of black; newcomer Au Champ Des Morts contributes both a twelve-minute original track and an interesting cover of Immortal's Blashyrk (Mighty Ravendark). Also worthy of note is the submission by Blut Aus Nord frontman Vindsval's new project, Yeruselem. Slow-paced but steady, this project appears to be where he stashed all the industrial influences he became unhealthy obsessed with over the late aughts, and now that it's not a core part of the Blut sound, it's a little easier to enjoy for what it is. Speaking of his main project, its track is also a bit repetitive, as such things have become in recent years, but it does have the icy chaos that the listener expects, and very little industrial styling.

For those who don't check who is signed with whose labels, the Arkona featured here is the Polish black metal band and not the mighty Russian pagans. Their contribution is very solid, more traditional than a lot of the wilder stuff on this compilation, such as Triumphata Morte, a psychedelic piece by longtimers Tenebrae in Perpetuum, or the industrial-influenced Nuees by Throane. Overall, though the contributions run the gamut between old-time label stalwarts and enthusiastic newcomers, the general tenor of the black metal produced here leans toward the unusual -- not a surprise from the label that signed so many avant-garde BM bands from its inception.


Killing Songs :
Triumphata Morte, Without Credence, Dimensions of Chaos
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