Siculicidium - A halal es az iranytu
Sun & Moon Records
Black Metal
2 songs (14'06")
Release year: 2019
Reviewed by Alex

Named after a massacre of ethnic Szekelys by Habsburg Austrian soldiers in 18th century. Existing for more than a dozen years but refusing to give interviews. Siculicidium, hailing from an ethnic Hungarian area in Romania, are truly a cult entity. Add to the fact that Transylvanian black metal (Negura Bundet) is legendary, and I was very much interested in hearing a brand new EP from this heretofore unknown to me band.

Don’t expect folky atmospherics from A halal es az iranytu. Don’t let melodic acoustics opening A halal fool you. There is darkness lurking here, no wonder A halal means “death”. One minute into the song a harsh guitar tone emerges and drives the composition throughout. Booming drum comes in support and helps to form a massive sound foundation of Siculicidium. Towering vocals sit above the unrelenting muscular, almost physically mauling experience. Some interesting instrument (trumpet?) emerges as a lead underneath this gigantic blackened slab, but the best epithet to describe A halal is grim. As it probably should be.

Az iranytu (meaning “compass”) does not really provide an easy path out either. The same thick guitar tone dominates, only drums are now less booming, more punky in approach. Mid-way breakdown is an unexpected snappy prog, trance inducing jangly sound provided by Jew’s harp. Less grim and more weird pagan ceremony Az iranytu complements A halal in an interesting and somewhat unexpected way.

Killing Songs :
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