Deceitome - Flux of Ruin
Redefining Darkness Records
Death Metal
5 songs (17'34")
Release year: 2019
Reviewed by Alex

Perhaps because Estonia was once (a long time ago) a Swedish territory, or because there is a (tiny) spec of Swedish population remaining in that Baltic state, but most likely because Swedish death metal is influential and world renown, Estonian Deceitome sounds profoundly Swedish. The band’s Flux of Ruin EP sounds like something which could have been recorded by old Entombed or Unleashed at Sunlight Studios using modern equipment but without slick overproduction, with a here-and-there Bolt Thrower influence or even a Nile riff (Miasthmatic Breed).

In five short, yet definitive, cuts, Deceitome does plenty to assert themselves. They rage and simmer, but in controllable ways. They can be beastly, contained in dunk basement, with no light escaping (title track). They demonstrate an ability to throw in a downtuned melody (Rhythm of Eternity, Deceitome) or a wild guitar lead (title track). Varying speeds, they can be grumblingly fast, as a grizzly running after their food (First Cause, Funeral Rites), but also try their hand at stretchy doom and distorted tones (Miasthmatic Breed). Melodically grim (Deceitome), devastatingly heavy and vocally growling bellows, as expected, most importantly the band achieves that strapping, physical, bruising, body blows atmosphere every death metal band of their ilk strives for. Since that, without a doubt in my mind, was a goal, Flux of Ruin is a success. Singular and not very sophisticated, but these 15-20 min are the pummeling you would expect and the punishment you do receive.

Killing Songs :
Flux of Ruin, Deceitome
Alex quoted 78 / 100
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