Spopielony - Legendy
Funeral Trance
Dungeon Synth
9 songs (43' 47")
Release year: 2019
Reviewed by Andy

Like the excellent Sorgsendömet Fobos, which I reviewed a few years ago, Polish dungeon synth project Spopielony's first album is heavily influenced by retro-analog sounds: Cassettes and old VHS soundtracks play as great a part in Legendy's compositions as the MIDI synthesizers that form the hallmark of the genre. This album was released on Bandcamp six months before, but is now being released as a cassette with two new tracks. With a slow beat and soft synth layers, the album's mood is calm and reflective, a walk through a grassy field at dusk.

The synths are laid on thick in the first two tracks, but Легенда О... is more restrained, with a quivering sound to the synths reminiscent of an old cassette's "wow". lochy_i_synthy.midi, true to its name, is an actual MIDI tune, straight out of the mid-90s, while Cien starej rzeki has a slightly darker and more pensive mood than the other tracks. But patterned after soundtracks as they are, the tracks are better listened to as background music. Lza w jej oku is the most differentiated of all of the synth tunes, a gentle arpeggio rhythm to a thudding beat.

The impression of soft darkness given by Legendy's tracks is interesting, though it's probably not going to get a lot more replays from me; to listen to it late at night is likely to send the listener to sleep. Fans of Brian Eno's ambient work (an influence on this project) might like to check this out.

Bandcamp: https://spopielony.bandcamp.com/releases.

Killing Songs :
Andy quoted 73 / 100
Alex quoted 20 / 100
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