Drugs of Faith - Decay
Grind Rock
5 songs (9'33")
Release year: 2019
Reviewed by Alex

Reading about Drugs of Faith I was intrigued why the band is listed as grindrock, not grindcore, but then being on an anti-Trump compilation gets my vote any day. My guess then why the band is ‘rock, not ‘core, is because Drugs of Faith play their grind methodically, without overwhelming D-beat of speed. Introducing their barbarous guitar tone on Decaying, they proceed to chug and churn, rather than blast away. Collective Punishment is also grind without speed, only with periodic jerky lunges and runs. Yet the whole thing, vandal shouts including, is delivering body blows every which turn it takes. This is hardcore and powerviolence, without me knowing exactly what hides behind the terms.

Anonimity is angular and angry (what here is not angry however), with tempo rising towards the end. The composition reeks of apocalypse, or maybe grindocalypse (hey, let me invent one here). Drugs of Faith, however, go for more debauchery and moshpiting come closer Construction (it is everything BUT construction here), but steady bombardment arrives eventually, and in the end I swear I heard almost an atmospheric moment.

Selfmadegod made me listen to some quality grind and Drugs of Faith is certainly in that group. Powerful and bruising, yet listenable for all of its 10 min at the same time. Not overstaying, it delivers the message it sets out to pitch.

Killing Songs :
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