Steel Prophet - The God Machine
Rock of Angels
Power Metal
10 songs (40'57")
Release year: 2019
Steel Prophet
Reviewed by Alex

Truthfully, I didn’t know Steel Prophet was still around. After being prolific and releasing impactful albums around the turn of the century, the output has become sporadic later on. Not liking 2004 Beware, I wasn’t looking for more from these Californians, but here we are in 2019 (after missing 2014 Omniscient) and The God Machine is upon us. Steve Kachinsky is still at the helm, and it is interesting that a lot of old Steel Prophet lineup is accompanying him on this album. Vince Dennis plays bass, John Tarascio is back in the drum chair, and even Jon Paget returned on guitars. The only really new face is the vocalist R.D. Liapakis formerly of Mystic Prophecy.

If you listen to the first three tracks and hit the stop button, you will definitely think that there is gunpowder in these old bags. The opening title track is energetic, double bass propelled, as hooky as they come power metal. R.D. Liapakis is not nearly as stratospheric as charismatic Rick Mythiasin, yet he can still hit high notes. His meatier voice is a good fit for nowadays Steel Prophet. Without splurging on guitar work, with tasty fills and stately middle, Crucify is almost an epitome of production oriented power metal the band delivers on The God Machine. Thrashed Relentlessly sees more of a gallop, almost the Ides of March from Messiah, showing that riff mastery has not completely eluded this aged crew. Harmony is another strength Steel Prophet always had in their songwriting, and Thrashed Relentlessly shows that aspect off well.

From there the band goes on exploring which, while deserving respect, presents a bit of a dichotomy of the album. There is still slower, burlier Damnation Calling with a gigantic bridge hook. But then there is almost a Rainbow reminiscing Dark Mask/Between Love and Hate, both in its melody and vocal intonations. Moreover, this song is dressed into a mid-to-late 80s roughhewn American sound. Coarser Soulhunter can still be imagined playing to the girls on the streets of California around the same time period, and Buried and Broken is a full-blown from cheesy to rough lover ballad. There is no denying melodic character and interesting faster beat on Lucifer/The Devil Inside, but Life=Love=God Machine concludes with another King Kobra rocking Americana. (Shouting manifesto Fight, Kill is a total miss for me).

If you want modern philosophy laden power metal, you will get it on The God Machine. Yet, you will also get some rocking 80s nostalgia. If such half&half is not the mix you want to experience, the satisfaction will be partial. It is good to see though that quality musicians of Steel Prophet are still around and are still creating relevant music, even though the years of energetic past may have long since vanished.

Killing Songs :
The God Machine, Crucify, Thrashed Relentlessly
Alex quoted 75 / 100
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