Valcata - Valcata
11 songs (48:00)
Release year: 2019
Reviewed by Joel
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Valcata is a new independent Symphonic Metal album featuring eight singers(4 female and 4 male), each taking on character of the story told through the lyrics. The story is about a far distant planet called Valcata, and their people’s plight. They are searching for a new home, and Earth is one of those destinations.

After the intro Stars, comes Our Quest, and right away the vocals of Liel Bar-Z of Israel, captures your attention. Her vocals almost angelic-like yet strong all at the same time. Josh Munnel(a vocalist and producer from Los Angeles) joins as the tempo picks up. I am not sure if he is a metal vocalist, but his voice definitely fits the music though. The beautiful operatic vocals of Zuberoa Aznarez of Diabulus in Musica comes in as the tempo momentarily slows down. Also on the operatic vocals, is Valcata’s creator(music and story), Oha Cade, who has quite the baritone vocals of his own. The Turning continues the story of the people of Valcata, a more mid tempo songs, with some great guitar riffs and strong vocals from all mentioned above. Horror Machine is next, and starts with Aznarez’s operatic vocals, and she is definitely a high soprano here. The combination of Liel and Munnel’s vocals have a great blend together, and offer a great contrast from the operatic vocals that came before theirs. Life and A Million introduces the rest of the cast, a point of view from the humans of earth. Hadi Kiani(an Iranian born singer with a voice perfect for progressive rock. Strong and melodic, and with great range. The vocals that follow are courtesy of Kenneth Elan, a member of the cover band Acoustic Dreams. His part on this song is brief but is definitely memorable. The female vocals come courtesy of Angel Wolf-Black who has performed for Vivaldi Metal Project and Bare Infinity. I have always liked her vocals, and they are followed by Mary Zimmer. Mary Zimmer is originally from my state, of Wisconsin. I had seen her live throughout the years with her band Luna Mortis(also at one time known as Ottoman Empire). She is one of the most diverse vocalist around, which can see her going from guttural to majestic, or just downright powerful like she is here. She is also the current vocalist, for Helion Prime(another very good band!). I also like the guitar solo a lot in this song, though its brief, from Enemy of Reality’s Steelianos Amirides. The catchy 3-2-1 is next, and you can watch the lyric video for it Here

Beyond is next and it is one of the more progressive tracks, and features strong vocals for Zimmer, Kiani and Elan, and Wolf-Black. Musically this is one of my favorite songs on the entire album. Escalade is a fast instrumental, featuring a lot of staccato violin leads from Pablo Hopenhayn(who has worked with such studios as Disney and Pixar). The grand climax comes in the form of the track, The Termination, which at eleven minutes, gives all eight singers the ability to show off their skills, as well as all the musicians involved. While the rest of the music on this album is bombastic, you could showcase this track, as a whole as to what this album has to offer. I love long and epic songs, and this is one that is truly memorable. There are no five minute guitar solos, but there are great leads. All the vocalist work in unison, and each show their talented skills. Hats off to Mr Oha Cade, for a track that is this epic on a grand scale! The closing track which is also the name of the album and the project, ends much the way it begins. A song on a grand scale, and features all the vocalist once more. A satisfying conclusion to a well produced album, and one of my sleeper albums to make it to the top of my list for 2019.
If you are not into Symphonic or conceptual albums, then this may not be for you. If you love Symphonic Metal music, such as Ayreon, but want something different and new, Valcata may be that for you. Feel free to watch the video I posted above, or check out the Facebook Page Here for more information about the project.

Killing Songs :
The Turning, 3-2-1, Beyond, The Termination
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