Undoer - Survival is a Myth
Sun & Moon Records
Melodic Black Metal
3 songs (22'54")
Release year: 2018
Reviewed by Alex

Both the origin and moniker of Turkish Undoer sounded intriguing. I very much enjoy reviewing metal bands, especially in forbidding genres like black metal, from countries where it is much more difficult to self-express than here in the US. Turkey won’t be as extreme as, say, Saudi Arabia, but still being Muslim and trending conservative must be putting pressure on musicians. Undoer moniker spelled so much negativity I wanted to see how black metal in the hands of these Turks would transpire.

Survival is a Myth does not go to the limits of pain and rip you to shreds. If anything its emotional load could have been more pressing. But whatever the EP doesn’t bring in the department of raw feelings it compensates with thoughtfulness, melodicism and execution. It is obvious Undoer spent some time in the studio to make certain their music achieved proper sound treatment.

Just about throughout Survival is a Myth follows the path of 90s black metal, with less spirit, but much more finesse and some modernization. I can see how the fans of Naglfar, Necrophobic and Lord Belial, now a couple of decades older, can get into Undoer. Tremolo guitars, not too cold or slicing, travel along steady melodic progression pathways, taking a midway zag (Vertical Lines), or skewering with a solo (A New Anthem, Foul Gathering). These dark melodic progressions (A New Anthem) stay with you. Percussion is unrelenting with an especially active pronounced cymbal sound not buried deep in the mix. The steady rolling double bass application is suitable when things get more evil, as in the second part of A New Anthem. Vocals are not super atrocious vomits, but rather latter Gaahl croaks with even some clearing, preaching from the pulpit, moments.

Undoer can say they are trying to build a whole new universe of their own. They obviously push for individuality, but I tend to hear echoes of the past. Which is not in any way a bad thing. Survival is a Myth is a very competent and attractive effort, even if it didn’t put a genre on its head.

Killing Songs :
A New Anthem
Alex quoted 78 / 100
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