Pale Forest - Exit Mould
Listenable Records
Gothic Metal
12 songs (51'56)
Release year: 2002
Pale Forest, Listenable Records
Reviewed by Jack
Another fine gothic act from Norway and Exit Mould is already their third album. They have released their first album in 1998 and the second one in 2000. I tried to find both of them to make myself an opinion about their progression but they are pretty hard to find. I haven't found them so far, have you ? Anyway, did you guys know the female vocalist had sung on the Crest Of Darkness album The Ogress ?

Pale Forest aren't yet another black and gothic band from Norway. They actually have very few in common with their fellow compatriots Tristania or The Sins Of Thy Beloved. They instead have a lot more to do with acts such as The Gathering or Within Temptation. The music is mostly atmospheric and the voice of Kristin intensifies this aspect. The music is somewhat too atmospheric and repetitive, but the band makes so good use of Kristin's voice that you will not care about these minor details. I particularly like the opening track a lot because of that repetitive riff that stays carved in your mind for days and weeks.

This is not a record you will sit down and listen conscientiously, but rather while taking a nap or while having some great relaxation together with someone of the opposite sex (or with whoever you like). Unfortunately they have put the best songs on the first part of this album and it tends to become a bit boring towards the end. This is however something you should check since it's atmospheric metal to its best.

Killing Songs :
Stigmata, Spiral, Revelation
Jack quoted 75 / 100
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