Trinitas - Trinitas
War Anthem Records
Black Metal
3 songs (13'30")
Release year: 2019
War Anthem Records
Reviewed by Alex

The task here is to judge self-titled EP by Trinitas just for the EP itself, without regards to the past accolades awarded to Trinitas members. And the list of their accomplishments is considerable. The trio (is that why Trinitas for moniker?) is an international collective with Vargher (Naglfar) on guitars and Tormentor, of course, drumming for Sodom. Less known to me Azathoth ex-Dark Fortress completes the band.

So Trinitas service record is impressive, however the EP itself didn’t excite me that much. What we have on display here is gooey, resinous, midpace black metal on all three tracks. Guitars in forefront totally dominate. If Vargher had in himself a number of riffs to grind you down, he certainly accomplished the plan. There are no saving melodic tremolos here, and melodies themselves have to be searched for patiently. They are sometimes covered up by cymbal rides (Nihilist) or drum rolls (As the Gallows Whisper), the latter track sounding more monumental. Even if there are empty spaces (Graves of the Nephilim), the whole structure still reverbs and throbs. Vocals are scratchy croaks perfectly conveying the atmosphere of hardship and decay.

If you want 90s black metal without frills all over again, Trinitas is just the thing for you, but given it has been done many times over, by Vargher himself as well, I didn’t find the EP to be essential listening. Whether the delivery is one off or Trinitas story will continue remains to be seen.

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