Infernal Cult - Son of Babalon
Ecliptic Promotions
Black Metal
1 songs (8'13")
Release year: 2019
Reviewed by Alex

Czech one-man outfit Infernal Cult led by mysterious Martjern insists on playing black metal inspired by real life events, i.e. “play music as life being lived”. Even though Infernal Cult is labeled suicidal black metal and Martjern connects pain, suffering, negativity and occult themes all in one, the single Son of Babalon is equal measure desperation and hope to my ears.

After uncomfortable, edgy and not obscured by anything else guitar tremolo Martjern delivers a melody, approximately 1’ in, which actually inspires some optimism that obstacles can be overcome. The jazzy brooding section, which follows, where bent notes float above the interesting percussive patter, is hallucinogenic and may cause delusions. Alternating that feeling with more direct and forceful moments will leave you unsettled until another hopeful peak crescendo arrives around 5’. After that, more desperation, indeed, sets in, so in the end Son of Babalon leads you into no outlet corner, but it were those melodic high moments that stuck with me, so things may still look up after all, and not everything is lost.

Martjern has typical dungeony vocals and drums are pushed into background whereas guitars dominate on the single. When those guitars go into a triumphant mode, the whole entity breathes its most potency. Son of Babalon is good 8’ spent when you think about total depression, but unexpectedly a ray of brighter light peaks through.

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