My Funeral - Graveblaster
Self released
Death Thrash
5 songs (16'43")
Release year: 2019
Reviewed by Alex

I wonder why there are no more metal bands with the moniker My Funeral. The name is just made for the genre, especially if you are a doom or a gothic band. Wouldn’t be too shabby for black metal either, but Finnish troupe My Funeral are playing death/thrash combination, which is fine as well. My Funeral phrase is just so universal for anything extreme. The Finns have been around for a decade now, but for some reason were on hiatus, since Graveblaster EP is their first release in a while.

The EP is a short, no frills, tight, downtuned, muscly punch which could serve as a tribute to Sodom. The fast opener Thrascrusher shows that My Funeral aren’t averse to a melodic lead, but most of the time Graveblaster is about the riffs. Slowing down midway through Thrash’n Destroy to hammer it home, faster thrashing away on Retro Satan, or playing some simple catchy shit on Disappear, the track I liked the most was Nuclear Storm. Tight, rhythmic, something definitely to raise the fist to, Nuclear Storm would be awesome in a live setting with apocalyptic devastating slowdown towards the end.

Otherwise, the EP is nothing super special, just shows guys committed to the style and going for it. The part of My Funeral I didn’t quite appreciate were the lead vocals. While gang vocals are solid, the lead voice is a little too high and too shouty, sometimes bordering on hardcore. If you are talking about Retro Satan, and if you are Sodom fans, take a listen to Tom Angelripper to see how death/thrash vocals should sound like.

Killing Songs :
Nuclear Storm
Alex quoted 75 / 100
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