Orphan Devil - Victims of the Night - Drifting Away
Gates of Hell Records
NWOBHM / traditional heavy metal with a punk touch
2 songs (8'51")
Release year: 2020
Reviewed by Alex

Orphan Devil is a new young Finnish band following, or maybe better put joining, some others in Finland both redefining and refreshing traditional/NWOBHM brand of heavy metal. Chevalier, Iron Griffin and Legionnaire, all on Gates of Hell Records, the original home for Orphan Devil, can be counted in this group. Orphan Devil has their own way of doing heavy metal and tap into boundless youthful enthusiasm and punky character to do so. Hopefully the 2-track EP is just a starting point on this path, since I very much liked what I heard.

Victims of the Night lays out what can only be termed as a statement riff and then proceeds speeding up from there with punky devil may care/no holds barred attitude. The way Orphan Devil play around the laid out main theme is absolutely infectious. The vocals may be a little high and a little boyish, but with the punky angle it actually makes for a good fit. Their rhythm guitar tone is far from clean, and actually a little cringy, also fitting, while the closing lead in Victims of the Night just flies off the rails. Drifting Away is just as melodic as Victims of the Night, and continues on the trajectory which probably as much NWOBHM as it is speed punk. US Midnight minus all the blackness and razors can be a stretch comparison, but I will go out on a limb.

Cool stuff if you want to go traditional but also feel youthful and lose your head in the process.

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