Blood Star - The Fear
Shadow Kingdom Records
NWOBHM / traditional heavy metal
2 songs (8'34")
Release year: 2020
Shadow Kingdom Records
Reviewed by Alex

Blood Star is a creation of Jamison Palmer, guitarist for Visigoth, but whereas Visigoth is power melodic metal with an epic fantasy bend, Blood Star leans more to the speedier thrashier dirtier sound, especially on the opener The Fear. The initial entry for Blood Star is a 2-track 7”, and the band has Shadow Kingdom as its most natural home, since the label simply loves this type of band. Reckless, devil-may-care NWOBHM with hooky chorus and shredding solo, The Fear is digested in a single breath. Tortured Earth is more rocking and measured, but it isn’t quite Rock Hard Ride Free to Freewheel Burning’s The Fear, there is more Maiden gallop in Tortured Earth than chord driven riffs. Tortured Earth is definitely not an all-out speed terror attack The Fear is, but its non-linear chorus is a strong point.

I dare you to recognize the fact that Blood Star vocalist is a female. I didn’t figure it out until the first bridge/chorus of The Fear in my first listen. Then I had to look it up. Madeline Smith has a voice that interweaves well with Blood Star rough’n’tumble attitude, but she somewhat lacks power in the lower register. Someone like Nina Osegueda of A Sound of Thunder or the legendary Doro could have done more with this material. That minor complaint aside, Blood Star leaves a positive first impression.

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