Front - Antichrist Militia
Iron Bonehead Productions
Blackened Death Metal
6 songs (22'45")
Release year: 2020
Reviewed by Alex

With three members being shared between the bands it seems that Finnish Front is a desire by some players in Sacrilegious Impalement to play a more deathly, more war-like version of black metal. Without wasting time, Doom Cult Legion is an example of tank riding (probably the one on the cover) in the middle of a cramped dungeon. Things just get nastier from there.

In their version of blackened death drums are falling bombs, bass is pulverizing howitzer, guitars are zinging missiles (title track, Machinegun Blasphemy), although Front main vocals are somewhat depressed into the mix, with gang vocals substituting for one standout voice. The sound here is machine gun firing rapidly in the aforementioned dungeon, with shreds of melody laying atop the devastation (Machinegun Blasphemy). Violence and destruction rule, with guitar solos switching from nauseating tubing sound (Machinegun Blasphemy) to slinging dizzying slides before ultimate teeth shattering chaos dominates (Iron Front). Speed mostly rules on the EP, and thrash elements are strong as well. Venom & Salt can even remind of Anthrax in spots, although significantly more violent. Iron Front is almost a textbook example of thrash drumming, with strong double bass, but also countless rolls never letting things settle. The strong whiff of Motorhead looms large as well. Guitars zig and zag accordingly, and melody also pokes through the fog. Mouths of War is an almost expected slower sadistic track, you have to have variety in war, with guitar reverb representing hatchets and knives inserted and twisted slowly. The exalted troops are marching to a martial beat, and I hope German (?) shouts are not professing any NS ideals of Front, but rather present the needed war sound samples so suitable on Antichrist Militia.

20+ minutes of intense war metal is what you get on this EP. The cover is a proper representation of the expectations inside.

Killing Songs :
Iron Front, title track
Alex quoted 78 / 100
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