Inisans / Sepulchral Frost - Death Fire Darkness
Regain Records
Death Metal
3 songs (13'51")
Release year: 2020
Regain Records
Reviewed by Alex

Death Fire Darkness is a split between two young Swedish bands trying to carry on the torch of their multiple forefathers. Although Inisans has been around longer than Sepulchral Frost they only have one full-length album to their name.

Inisans is full density old school Swedish death metal with baseline tubed guitar riffs set to blastbeat. A second guitar line zigzags above this foundation creating swirling chaos in Holocaust Winds, and even more so in Circle of the Serpent. The sound is not as meaty and supple as Unleashed, but sort of has the same bones, especially from the veterans’ earlier era. Inisans is Stockholm death metal, only with less structure and a touch of crazy. Circle of the Serpent is more demented still, throwing a dash of thrash beat into a boiling pot. Overall though, Inisans feel content to blast and ride their chaotic over the top moments and brief solos, with general impression being somewhat a one-note, without much obvious melody, relying on headbang and riffing to invoke catchiness. The air raid siren slowdown midway through Holocaust Winds is one spot where the band steps away from the template.

Sepulchral Frost, on the other hand, lays out a lot more multifaceted vision of death metal, with vocals not being as classic growls as Inisans, but getting their point across. Beginning with the foot tapping riffery of old Dark Tranquillity, i.e. thrashy death metal with a touch of Iron Maiden, Sepulchral Frost turns it completely off around 2’ in, going doomy and melodic, Bathory-like Hammerheart era, and they sink their hooks in completely. Trust me you will nod to this melody whether you want it or not. With a catchy mad thrash to close, very Dismember-like, the band leaves a mark with Blessed by Fire, and you will want to listen to the track several times. Cutting it off somewhat incompletely, one would hope Sepulchral Frost has a lot more material in their holster, and all of it is this interesting.

Killing Songs :
Blessed by Fire by Sepulchral Frost
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