Suicide Circle - Demo MMXX
Osmose Productions
Depressive Black Metal
4 songs (26'05")
Release year: 2020
Osmose Productions
Reviewed by Alex

The beautiful mild gentle fall days we are having these days in NW Ohio may not be the right backdrop for suicidal depressive French black metal, but the way 2020 has been so far for humanity, depression is the theme of the year. Suicide Circle has a pedigree to deliver on the subject seeing that one of the band’s masterminds is Meyhna’ch who has apparently put his Mutiilation to rest. He is joined on Suicide Circle by Rats, another prominent name in French black metal scene.

From the Void of Their Mind opened the demo with all-encompassing fuzz relaying the minor melody. The drums are distant, more tambourines and castanets then powerful percussion. The rhythms may change on From the Void of Their Mind, there is a bit of double bass here yet drums never dominate, however the fuzz stays throughout and fills the room completely, down to every nook and cranny. Dragging through cloaca slowly and mechanically or marching a little more vigorously to the shit bowl, and coupled with vomitous demented croaks as vocals, Demo MMXX brought to my mind iconic Silencer Death – Pierce Me.

When I listened to the demo the first time through, it appeared a little bit samey to me when croaks and minimalistic melody of Prophet of Doomsday followed in the footsteps of From the Void of Their Mind. The second time around, however, perhaps more focused and in the proper mood, I was able to pick out expanding apocalypses in Prophet of Doomsday, as well as subliminal voice laid over consistent tremolo riffs, now more defined than in > From the Void of Their Mind. Slower, grinding demented waltz of Funeral Wedding and absolutely dripping with sadness opening of The Sphere of Chaos were further proof to the subtle variety presented by Suicide Circle, yet everything here is reflective of suicidal depression, spiritual nihilism and minimalistic attitude.

If you understand the classics of the genre, the aforementioned Silencer and Xasthur, Suicide Circle will be right up your alley.

Killing Songs :
The Sphere of Chaos
Alex quoted 78 / 100
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