Demonical - World Domination
Agonia Records
Death Metal
8 songs (36'02")
Release year: 2020
Demonical, Agonia Records
Reviewed by Alex

If you are a metal fan, you can guess the origin and the style of World Domination after the first three seconds of My Kingdom Done. You may miss reading the promo sheet which comes with the album, you don’t need to know the name of the band, but you just know. This tubular chainsaw grinding guitar - this can only be old school Swedish death metal. And even though recording for World Domination didn’t take place at Sunlight Studios, you would be excused for thinking that it did.

Of course if you approached the review process appropriately, i.e. at least knew the name of the band, there would be even less surprise. Demonical is a Swedish death metal band, the chip off the old Centinex block, and carrying proudly the torch lifted by the aforementioned Centinex, and Dismember and Entombed before them. World Domination is Demonical's 6th full-length album, and the leopard is certainly not changing its spots on this one.

The energy and the spirit of the old school Swedish death metal is buttressed with very modern, thick, bottom heavy production for maximum aural impact. That special guitar tone, coupled with a raucous attitude is on display in Hellfire Rain, The Thin Darkness or Calescent Punishment, where heavy downtuning may even sometimes overpower the characteristic beat, distinctive riffs and pointed solos. The above speedy trio of songs are balanced with more measured chaos and devastation in slower Aeons of Death and We Stand as One, where riffs are total king. Minor tremolo progression in Aeons of Death with smoldering guitar reverb laid over double bass, screaming solo and catchy chorus in We Stand as One will appeal in equal measure to the fans of old school death metal and more modern slicker Darkened Kingdom of Decay. The song like VIctorious has melodicism of Viking march found in the old Amon Amarth, but its catchy chorus is lost a little in the bottom end brutality. Thus perfect balance between catchiness and aural ferocity is found in the opener My Kingdom Done, where snappy captivating riffs, alternating with up & down fret slides, sequence into a catchy chorus with a couple of melodic chords. My Kingdom Done can be played on repeat, it is such a killer song. The surprising and unusual point of the album is ballad Slipping Apart, its somewhat clean but also croaking vocals a strange mix between U.D.O. and Life - Another Shape of Sorrow from Dismember’s Massive Killing Capacity. The roaring moments come eventually on Slipping Apart, so things get back to normal, and then of course Calescent Punishment closes proceedings in the predictable fashion.

Not revolutionary by any means, World Domination is expected demonstration of death metal power by a professional band long engaged in procreation and reproduction of the original tenets of the style.

Killing Songs :
My Kingdom Done, Aeons of Death
Alex quoted 83 / 100
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