Anarchos / Morbid Stench - Ghospels of Necromancy
Blood Harvest Records
Brutal Death Metal
3 songs (12'20")
Release year: 2020
Reviewed by Alex

When I think of brutal death metal two destinations come to mind. Netherlands and just about anything Latin America. The short 7” EP Ghospels of Necromancy combining Dutch Anarchos and Central American Morbid Stench combine both locales in an emphatic sort of way.

Anarchos creates chaos, breaking their music roughly on three levels. Bottom dwelling vocals, guitars tuned as low as the base drum with the snare actually sitting at the highest point. As a result Grotesque Perversity sounds brutal, archaic and angry all at once, while seeking to destroy you aurally on arrival. Tortured Souls introduces more havoc, speeds up in places, but alternates it with chugging power chords of elephantine heaviness, closing things out with an unexpected quick guitar lead. Anarchos is as old school as it gets, sounding a bit like countrymates Bodyfarm, German classics Fleshcrawl or Ukrainian followers Fleshgore (the “flesh” theme IS intentional). Or, if you need the most well known reference, think of Grave made sound heavier still via production values.

After Anarchos Morbid Stench has its guitars less downtuned and sounds less dense, but not less nasty. Higher voice as well, Morbid Stench has, dare I say, sideways melody plied over chugging riffs. Even with the middle going berserk Brethren Accuser comes off a little thinner than Grotesque Perversity or Tortured Souls.

Why the EP is titled Ghospels of Necromancy I wouldn’t tell you without knowing lyrical subject matter, but if you are looking for a quick dose of thickly (and sickly) brutal death metal the EP fits the bill.

Killing Songs :
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