Sanctuary - Inception
Century Media
Traditional Metal
9 songs (42'24)
Release year: 2017
Century Media
Reviewed by Ben

Big Dick Warrel Dane (R.I.P.) was one of the most insane high singers ever. His range is immortalized in Sanctuary and Nevermore. No matter what band he was in, he himself made it a unique musical listen simply due to his vocals. *pours one out for Warrel*

So, Inception is a "lost" recording of Sanctuary's full length 1986 demo complete with two "new" songs, Dream Of The Incubus and I Am Insane. I only have the digital copy, but the physical version boasts a mammoth 28 page booklet with some most likely cool liner notes. The other main drawing point for fans is that this is again, a demo. However, lesbi-honest here, the debut album Refuge Denied had some crappy production done by a drugged out Dave Mustaine. Maybe Dave spent his production money on drugs, maybe Dave bought drugs with the money, or maybe Dave lost the money, and found drugs where the money used to be, but these cleaned up demos sound better than the finished versions found on Refuge Denied. I'm not completely shitting on the guy, but again, lesbi-honest with ourselves here. 1988 was a rough year in the life of Mustaine.

For the most part, the songs here on Inception really do sound better than the ones that made it to the album so many years ago. The two new tracks are both great and atrocious. Wut. I say atrocious because the lyrics to Dream Of The Incubus are a hoot. Warrel is literally singing about being a Warlock, sings about his dick, and then creampies someone with his witch dick. For REAL! I can see why this didn't make the final "cut." But musically it is a pretty cool number. If this was released back in the day, it would for the most part have fit in. I Am Insane is decent enough and worth a listen, but if it were on Refuge Denied it would have been a weaker number. Unfortunately, the cover of White Rabbit is still on here and it still sucks. Again, Dave must have been pretty smacked out to not have told the guys, "No." There's also a few minor differences to notice for the discerning listener. The chord progression intro to Die For My Sins is cut, and the main riff is the immediate jumping off point on the Inception version.

Inception (BWONNNGGG) is mainly for diehard fans and I kinda feel like a dumb ass for not getting a physical version of this one. Literally, this is pretty much a repackaged Refuge Denied but with enough subtle differences in the performances for fans to compare and contrast with. Warrel Dane just shines like a badass here. It's so much fun to try and sing along with this album because his range is so high. Fans of Agent Steel and early 'Ryche take note! Hardcore fans of Sanctuary probably already have this album. The physical version too.

Killing Songs :
Die For My Sins, Battle Angels, Death Rider / Third War the music and high notes to Dream Of The Incubus
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