Incursion - The Hunter
No Remorse
Heavy Metal
6 songs (22'14")
Release year: 2020
Reviewed by Alex

Someone out there probably knows the story with Floridians Incursion, why it has taken them 35(!) years from a demo to the first EP release. Someone must have been really persistent to follow their dreams and stuck with it.

Following the dream in the case of Incursion resulted in The Hunter, a short EP in the vein of Maelstrom or early Manowar, most likely telling us a Conan-like Robert E. Howard story. After a short Prologue, Warrior of Destruction kicks things off with a distinct, yet totally single-minded and repetitive riff, continuing to power chord through the chorus. The solo emerges eventually, while youthful sounding voice supplies somewhat strained vocal hooks. This is all very commendable, yet totally smacks of less than professional, DIY band. And those certainly can be authentic and have the full right to exist.

Chording along is still in store for Guiding Faith, which turns on the mystical atmosphere a bit however, and has a cool middle passage. Fade to Black is up tempo and causes guitars to go through most extensive exercise on The Hunter. The solo on Fade to Black reminded me of old Judas Priest, and by Fade to Black I honestly warmed up to Incursion a bit more. Middle Eastern melody opens up the pinnacle track Kingdom of the Dead before Incursion unleashes its most blistering run of double bass. Melodic infusions now intersperse with riffy parts, so there is a good balance between epic and muscular. If things were to continue after Kingdom of the Dead I could have rated The Hunter higher, but closer The Hunter: King of All the Land comes along suddenly and anti-climactically. There is a cool melody there, but since the band just got things going seeing it all end is a bit disappointing.

Given The Hunter was a child of long labor it is probably uncertain when Incursion will produce another release, but if you are collector of rough around the edges American heavy metal with more muscle than technical prowess, you may want to check this one out.

Killing Songs :
Fade to Black, Kingdom of the Dead
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