Neige et Noirceur - Bach - Preludium Minor
Avantgarde Music
Dark Ambient with some Blackened elements
5 songs (39'36")
Release year: 2020
Avantgarde Music
Reviewed by Alex

Prolific Quebecois ambient black metal outfit Neige et Noirceur, all work of one Zifond, as far as I understand, decided to try its hand at something different. Bach – Preludium Minor is either an adaptation, an interpretation, or probably in many parts an invention by Neige et Noirceur, but it is certain that one of the world’s best composers served as an inspiration for this album. Without resorting to the blackened side of its repertoire, with this release Neige et Noirceur managed to project dark funereal ambiance Bach himself would be proud of.

Prelude 926 F opens up with glacial steps and church organ, building to heights both grandiose and tragic, just pressing on, screams and all, touching almost uncomfortable frequencies, before final nimble funeral procession melody emerges. Not all compositions on Preludium Minor are as full bodied and perceptibly concrete. Prelude 941 F is almost slow wind, delivered via synth violin/string instrument, and closed mouth “mmm” sounds. Prelude 942 F sees female whispers growing persistent until preachy lament takes over, all resting on the same bed of dark ambiance. The organ is still there and something that sounds like a cello, but could be a synth, creates for a sense of inevitability and foreboding. The sense of serenity expressed in Preludium Minor is absolutely ominous and dejected, totally oblivious to the outside world. Everything here is gloomy and mysterious, the closer Prelude 935 F fading away with church bells tolling from afar, in the rain, low base and piano notes giving way to rustling sounds and mysterious whispers.

The centerpiece of the album, however, is Invention 9 F. This composition, with its rousing church organ and tremolo guitars finally providing black metal wall of intensity, delivers tsunamic waves of sound. Double bass buttressed melodic progression here is both towering and impending doom incarnate. The desperation here is absolute, before it dissolves into funeral nothingness. If Bach had access to modern instruments he would compose something similar, and this is my best compliment given to the album.

This music is by far not for everybody. Many will consider this boring and will not make it past Prelude 926 F. If you like classical music though, perhaps not its pedigree and flowery vignettes, but the spirit, and have tendency to get swept up by darkwave and gothic ambient music, this may very well appeal to you. Leave your black metal fan hat at the intro to Prelude 926 F, and let your spirit immerse into something upliftingly dark. The paradox of the latter statement may be obvious, but Preludium Minor does have a cleansing effect in the end.

Killing Songs :
Invention 9F, Prelude 926F
Alex quoted 82 / 100
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