Obvurt - The Beginning
Brutal Mind
Death Metal
6 songs (18'21")
Release year: 2021
Reviewed by Alex
Surprise of the month

The story behind Quebecois Obvurt is really inspiring. Guitarist and band’s mastermind Phillippe Drouin suffered an unfortunate car accident which deprived him of mobility in his right hand. Yet instead of hanging up his guitar, he decided to play left handed and Obvurt was born. A lesson in human spirit and perseverance.

The opener Prelude Dm on the debut CD The Beginning will make Bach, or really any classical Middle Ages composer, proud. The fact that modern musicians are playing this kind of music using modern instrumentation is testament to its immortality. What is to follow, however, would really scare anyone of those 16th century authors, as starting with Osteophyte we get a display of brutal death metal in a classic Canadian tradition. Osteophyte is particularly brutal, non-stop blasting, advancing technical riffs over consistent time signature, singular focus gurgling vocals. This will appeal to all Cryptopsy and Kataklysm fans , no wonder Cryptopsy sound engineer Chris Donalson contributed with this creation. Prominent downtuned melody laid onto the riffs appears in The First Light and although blasting is still the order of the day in The First Light, muscular drumming in Obvurt is not a mindless pounding and distraction. There is enough guitar movements, sideways notes and twists, The Beginning is very engaging technical death metal.

Obvurt guitars are equally adept at chops and leads. Obverted has both on display, and while chords here are fantastically consistent, leads are almost triumphant, in your face, happy to declare to the whole world what someone who was previously impaired can do. This music just flies by, propelled by its own energy, with the first stretchy slowdown not coming until the end of Obverted. Scars of War is another Kataklysm-like track with belligerent title fitting riffs, and the EP closes with a groovy longing instrumental The End (with a play on the EP title), leaving you hoping for more, hoping Obvurt will be an entity for a while.

Killing Songs :
The First Light, Obverted, Scars of War
Alex quoted 78 / 100
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