Neorhythm - Evils
Self Release
Progressive death / djent
4 songs (15' 16")
Release year: 2021
Reviewed by Andy

Two years after I reviewed Zetetic, Neorhythm has rapidly matured from a secretive red-masked-and-cloaked duo who were cagey even about their precise location. Now unmasked and proudly proclaiming their St. Petersberg origin, with a pile of extreme-metal covers on their Bandcamp as well as another LP produced last year (which I haven't managed to listen to yet), they've produced a four-track Russian-language EP, Evils. It remains to be seen whether this one's as catchy as their debut was, but it is certainly as heavy.

Each track, however, has a different mood. Servitude has more of the flavor of Zetetic, an effortless coil of djent riffing to a shouted chorus -- good strong shouts with no pig squeals. Lies is slower with more of an effort at crushing the listener, while Avarice features some singing as opposed to the group's usual shouts. Finally we have Wrath, my favorite track on here, featuring one of the thin little guitar solos they do on occasion (true to their name, Neorhythm puts way more effort into their blocky rhythm riffs than their leadwork, which always has a synthetic and half-hearted feel). They released this one as an extra single after doing their last LP, their first try at singing in Russian, and it feels like the most balanced of the four, even though Servitude was high on my list too. A nice sneak peek at a rapidly evolving progressive death band.


Killing Songs :
Servitude, Wrath
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