White Nights - Solanaceae
Iron Bonehead Productions
Weird Techno Death Rock
4 songs (26'04")
Release year: 2021
Reviewed by Alex

Putting in a release by Iron Bonehead Productions you kind of know what to expect. Black, death, combination of the two, something from the extreme end of the metal spectrum. White Nights Solanaceae is on Iron Bonehead and it is extreme metal, yet I don’t think I have heard a release like this in a long time, and it is certainly off the main beaten path for the label.

Weird and unexpected is the least I can say about Solanaceae. It is dark but … danceable. It is extreme metal but … techno. With mechanical techno-like rhythms, but to my ears played not by a machine but real drums, opener Hallucinogenic Black Cubes also has synth sounds crawling up your skin everywhere you look. Add moaning/growling vocals and you reach the depth of depravity. Hallucinogenic Black Cubes sounds like a fucked up White Wedding to me, straight punkiness replaced by freaky brew. Title track may shimmer and linger for a little too long, but shorter Hallucinogenic Black Cubes and especially catchy Canabaceae III hit it home for me. Canabaceae III, in addition to its electronic blips, pings and hisses has a death rock foundation, something from Babylon Whores, which brings the song its immediacy and structure. Withdrawn vocals, as if coming from the room nextdoor, with doors closed, remind me that it is actually White Nights and its abnormality, not something from the mainstream.

The composition of the band is unknown to me, and apparently kept incognito. Very fitting. The fact White Nights hails from the US is actually surprising, as I would expect these sounds to come from some country less conservative. But then the songs from the EP has obvious and direct connection to certain plant families (many of them hallucinogenic), and given we are on a path to legalize weed in many places here in the US, this music is definitely better experienced under the influence (I am not promoting any behaviors or drugs here, disclaimer). While listening to Solanaceae put up cover art or flash something from cubism with a touch of modern computer graphics and the impression will be complete.

Killing Songs :
Hallucinogenic Black Cubes, Canabaceae III
Alex quoted 78 / 100
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