Final Gasp - Baptism of Desire
Helter Skelter
Death Rock / Post Apocalyptic Punk
4 songs (11'36")
Release year: 2021
Reviewed by Alex

Baptism of Desire by Boston’s Final Gasp supposedly was the hottest release in dark hardcore scene back in 2019. Safe to say many of you are probably not familiar with this EP any more than I am, so this coverage and Baptism of Desire now coming out on vinyl can be treated as basically new music.

The EP is not really hardcore, but instead dark death rock bordering on post-apocalyptic punk. So when howitzers boom on the bottom and voice screams as if from a coffin (Final Gasp), or urgent guitars flow over stumbling, tripping rhythms giving background for vocal torture (The New Dawn), comparisons with Samhain are obvious and well deserved. Interestingly enough that among rocking first half my favorite on this burst of staggering darkness is short gallop Night Vision with bells going off in the distance. If there is a picture of raucous pandemonium, Final Gasp doing Night Vision would be attached.

Not everything on Baptism of Desire moves with fast speed, yet the final act of depravity Dead Asleep is no less impactful. If anything, Dead Asleep is the final coup de grace. Slow and stretchy, guitar tremolo flows over non-stop drum roll with mad melody sounding almost keyboard like. The final minute is a full stop and staring in the abyss, you will feel lucky you are not standing at the same precipice as Final Gasp.

Normally not my go to style, Final Gasp simultaneously sizzle with emotion yet doing it as if they could care less, they are so withdrawn and aloof. I do not possess enough qualification and genre knowledge to call it the best dark punk release as of late, but Baptism of Desire deserved several spins in my player.

Killing Songs :
Night Vision, Dead Asleep
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