Fulanno - Hash negro en las misas fúnebres
Helter Skelter
Stoner Doom
5 songs (30'21")
Release year: 2021
Reviewed by Alex

My son went to his high school band class recently and one of his friends brought in a bass guitar. Although kids played the instrument mostly unplugged, there was an opportunity to plug it shortly and put the amps to use. In case of Argetinians Fulanno not only all electric instruments are plugged in and amps are used, their 2016 debut EP Hash negro en las misas funebres, now re-released on Helter Skelter/Regain, is an exercise in how to use those amps and subwoofers to the max capacity on a stoner/doom album.

If you want to experience the fuzziest, thickest sound on a metal record, this is the album for you. Title track sounds like just humongous sucking right through the black hole. Pretty much all of the EP proceeds at speed not entirely glacial, but deliberate on purpose. Psychedelic and occult joined together hang in the air and you don’t know where guitars end and bass begins. This reminds me a little of High on Fire, but Fulanno is more stoned out, or Ufomammut with a voice totally detached and sometimes almost clean. Songs are repetitive by design with lulling melodies, sad in the case of En tu nombre and funeral on Osciloscopio. Adding spoken vocals on the title track and the echoing end of Osciloscopio just reinforces that dungeon occult feeling Fulanno is after.

This may be monotonous for some, yet extraordinary for others. I was able to totally disconnect from driving, from the world itself, and got fully immersed into Hash negro en las misas funebres. It is pretty captivating.

Killing Songs :
Osciloscopio, Hash negro en las misas funebres
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