Blot Mine - Porphyrogenesis
Vic Records
Melodic Black Metal
13 songs (58' 19")
Release year: 1995
Vic Records
Reviewed by Andy

A contemporary of better-known Swedish black metal bands of the 90s, Blot Mine released a debut in 1998: Porphyrogenesis, which became extremely rare ever since the band faded into obscurity. Now that it's been resurrected by Vic Records, I've finally gotten to hear it. It sounds good, a combination of the high-speed aggression with melody that worked so well for fellow countrymen Dissection; but given that hundreds of black metal bands have followed a similar template since, Porphyrogenesis's return may not be a completely triumphant one.

The re-release's production stands the test of time; the full, arpeggiated guitar riffs, all on uncomfortable minor keys, fill the listeners ears, underscored by echoing drums. My Soul in Fury Flew is a bit repetitive, but its slower speed does give the listener more of an intimate view into the song. Most tracks, however, are furiously blasting, with a strong underlying melody. Satan is absent from the lyrics; the band chooses dark spiritual fantasies instead for their subject matter, with a bit of a Lovecraftian vibe mixed in.

In addition to the original eight tracks, the re-release includes the five songs from the demo of the preceding year, Kill for Inner Peace. The production isn't as polished, and in some ways that actually helps these additional tracks out; the lead guitars are more differentiated, and the drum work doesn't blend as much with the rest of the production. They're worthy additions in their own right.

Blot Mine's sound wasn't the most original black metal even back in the late 90s, and some songs on Porphyrogenesis would make an unknowing listener think he's hearing a new collection of Dissection or Dark Funeral B-sides. The band produced a solid product and never managed to do much else with it. But it's a decent album to listen to, and fans of the Swedish black metal of the 90s will enjoy it.

Killing Songs :
Greater Than Life
Andy quoted 79 / 100
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