Divercia - Modus Operandi
Hammerheart Records
Gothic, Black, Dark Metal
11 songs (52'13)
Release year: 2002
Divercia, Hammerheart Records
Reviewed by Jack
Surprise of the month
This is the typical kind of stuff you see at your local dealer but you never pick up. First of all the cover is not really attractive, and secondly the band's moniker is unknown to mostly all of us. Just like the old saying of "You can't judge a book by its cover" some of those albums with non attractive covers by largely unknown bands prove themselves to be masterpieces.

Divercia's first opus is one of those albums. The band was formerly known as Lost In Twilight, but decided to change the name in order to suit the music better. They're from Finland, but this doesn't necessarily mean they play gothic metal. Divercia has so much more to offer. Their music is really eclectic and hard to categorize, considering it's multifaceted sound which, on one side, leans to the power and brutality of a band like Dimmu Borgir, yet on the other side, also shares various stylistic elements with Sentenced and Nightwish.

Still sounding heavy and aggressive, this album somehow manages to capture the melancholic atmosphere Finnish bands are known for. I really like the contrasts between heavy and soft musical elements. The music constantly varies in tempo and style and is filled with beautiful melodic metal with touches of gothic and great atmospheric styles accented by the keyboards and finalized with strong melodies and superb solos. They weave together their beautiful atmospheric melodies, the catchy goth groove and the black elements into a nicely progressive tapestry of music that sounds fresh and interesting.

Over the last few years I have grown more and more fond of female fronted metal bands, but Divercia doesn't need this element in their music since the guy handling the vocals is just outstanding. He has one of the best voices I have ever heard and he modulates his voice to suit the different musical aspects of the band.

This is a great album that will hold your attention from the beginning to the very end. There's very little to complain about on this album, only a few small details with little or no importance. This thing is catchy as hell and is done with style in every aspect. Go for it !

Killing Songs :
Planeteer, Vaya Con Diablos, As Might Descends, Modus Operandi
Jack quoted 90 / 100
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