Hate Eternal - King Of All Kings
Earache Records
Brutal Death Metal
10 songs (33'45)
Release year: 0
Hate Eternal, Earache Records
Reviewed by Crims

With a solid line-up of pros in the Death Metal field including Eric Rutan (ex-Morbid Angel), you would or at least should expect some above average Death Metal; and you would be correct in assuming so. Much like how Morbid Angel had/has those unique sounding riffs- the ones that sound somewhat out of tune but still quite dark and appropiate- Hate Eternal has a similar sound to their riffs. The only difference is, what’s playing behind Hate Eternal’s riffs is a heck of a lot more aggressive than typical Morbid Angel and closer to Krisiun; so you have a lot of blast beats that are relentless in their attack.

Individually the songs on King Of All Kings are pure ass kickers, the problem is Captain Repetitive shows up on the CD every so often. So listening to the release as a whole has the potential to get tedious to the listeners who demand a lot of tempo and rhythm changes. But that’s not what Hate Eternal is all about. Instead, King Of All Kings is one non-stop Death Metal attack. Sometimes they are very successful, especially on The Obscure Terror, Powers That Be, and Born By Fire. The best songs on here are the one’s with the best riffs. I just love that Morbid Angel guitar style, and Eric Rutan has put together some really interesting riffs once again. I think the best part about them, and what starts to set Hate Eternal apart from other Brutal Death Metal bands, is that you don’t expect them to be playing this riff over that drum run, or that drum run backing up that riff. It does manage to fit together, too, and there really isn’t that many out of place notes at all. The leads are also very good (to be expected); Rutan has brought over the lead sound and tone from Morbid Angel’s Gateways To Annihilation, and it works very well here too.

The vocals on King Of All Kings are very, very typical; absolutely nothing new, and only a couple of memorable vocal lines appear. Yeah, they get the job done and fit the band, however, other Death Metal bands, the really good one’s, tend to have a decent amount of memorable vocal lines. Everything else is impressive including the bass work, which is quite proficient in the rhythm department, and of course the drumming is insanely fierce and intense. In short, there some very good aspects on this release, the problem is aside from the unique riffs that pop up in most songs, the tracks follow the same pattern with only a couple of surprises. It’s ok for a while, but after awhile I started tuning out of the CD; I just loss interest, and not because the music was bad, it was just same basic thing. I do like Krisiun quite a bit, who play Death Metal with essentially the same idea, but I find myself a lot more interested in them. Everything else is solid on King Of All Kings, just the lack of surprises, the lack of strong vocal lines, and the short CD length all bring the marks down a bit. I still recommend this release to Death Metal fans though, simply because the guitar work and intensity should appeal to all but the most finicky Death Metal fans.

Killing Songs :
King Of All Kings, The Obscure Terror, Servants Of The Gods, Born By Fire, Powers That Be
Crims quoted 80 / 100
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