Centurion - Non Plus Ultra
Scarlet Records
Heavy / Thrash
10 songs (53'20)
Release year: 2002
Scarlet Records
Reviewed by Danny

Here comes another band releasing its third effort, Centurion. It is an important event for the Italian heavy/thrash metal band ... time to score or to die. Non Plus Ultra is not very different compare to its predecessor, being a mix of the first two releases of the band.

Another thing that hasn't changed at all is the vocal of the singer ! The type of voice you like or you hate - reminding me somehow the vocalist of Sacred Steel. If you can afford these high pitched "screams" , you might like the record. As for the song writing, Centurion cheat a lot : if this is not Judas Priest, this is an Iron Maiden's riff which becomes the central vertebrae of each song. There is actually not a single guitar riff that I haven't heard two thousand times. Not original for a dime.

Don't misunderstand me, the music is not bad, it is simply not interesting . From the first riff until the end of the song, you know exactly what will happen. The melodies will always remind you another song or another band. The kind of CD you leave in a corner and you forgot you bought a week ago. After an heavy metal first shoot (Arise Of The Empire), a thrashy Testament/Slayer attack (Hyper Martyrium), Centurion has chosen to stay "forever" in the underground championship ... as I hardly imagine how this Judas Priest uninspired & tasteless copycat will interest anyone out there.

An average record from an average band that I might recommend only to the fans who need to buy everything from the heavy/thrash metal scene. I am wondering if this band deserves another chance as the potential is there, but they need to decide if they want to slide off in obscurity or make a stand against critics like me and prove their worth in the metal society with innovative & personal new songs.

Next please.

Killing Songs :
Non !
Danny quoted 45 / 100
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