Rapture - Songs For The Withering
Spikefarm Records
Gothic Doom Metal
9 songs (45'31)
Release year: 2002
Rapture, Spikefarm Records
Reviewed by Crims

This is the second release by Finland’s Rapture. Although I’ve yet to hear their first release, it is my understanding that Songs For The Withering follows the same principles. Rapture plays a style of Gothic Doom Metal very similar to Katatonia and Icon era Paradise Lost. The CD has a very strong feeling of melancholy and despair, and that is exactly what I like to hear with a release like this. Rapture doesn’t add anything new to the already proven formula, but what they do, they do very well. The highlight is the guitar playing, which is just amazing- not really from a technical standpoint, but from a song-writing standpoint. The leads, riffs, and melodic sections just eschew a bleak and depression filled atmosphere that very few bands can accomplish. The other highlight of this CD is the vocals. Two different styles are used from two different singers; the first of which is a death metal style that at times sounds a lot like what’s used in Opeth, the other style is of course, clean, and once again references to Opeth can be made. Of course, this is nothing too original these days, but it is done so well, it might as well be original.

So the vocals and guitars are of a high standard, but do the songs come together? Most of the time, yes. Right away instant highlights of the CD can be heard from the first listen. The first track Nameless, is one of the best songs on Songs For The Withering. This track contains an excellent chorus and a surprisingly upbeat tempo, as well as heavy riffs (a common feature on the CD). The second track Gallows, is very similar but not quite as memorable. These songs do not really contain anything fancy; the song progression is expected and typical but everything is so well done from an instrument and atmosphere standpoint that Rapture don’t need to be overly fancy. Although, with that being said, two tracks stand out as being more unique, both Two Dead Names and Farewell are slower paced songs, and although they aren’t as memorable or as interesting, I do have to admit the feeling and emotions they create are outstanding. Other stand out tracks include The Vast (my personal favorite) which is the only song that features double bass and is probably the fastest track, and also Raintracks which does a very nice job of alternating between the two vocal styles.

Overall Rapture have put together a CD that should be most noted for its ambiance and proficiency. I wouldn’t call any of the songs filler, but some are better than the others and a couple of samey parts do occur, but they are far from overwhelming. Between the vocals, guitar melodies and the atmosphere, I definitely recommend this release to any fans of the genre despite the fact that Rapture doesn’t bring anything new the style.

Killing Songs :
Nameless, Transfixion, The Vast, Raintracks, Enveloped, Farewell
Crims quoted 80 / 100
Alex quoted 79 / 100
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