Hair Of The Dog - Rise
Spitfire Records
US Hard Rock
9 songs (39'30)
Release year: 2000
Spitfire Records
Reviewed by Danny
Surprise of the month

Read this carefully : "If the magic of hearing Kiss' "Destroyer", Aerosmith's "Toys In The Attic" or the opening notes of "Van Halen I" has been absent from your life through the last twenty years of hard rock ... then a bit of the Hair Of The Dog might be just the medicine you need".

Let me tell you that after reading this, I was laughing like never before in my all life. This label is crazy to promote those guys like this. I am a mega fan of Kiss (I just said MEGA) and I really appreciate also Van Halen & Aerosmith. So can you imagine one second it is possible to compare this band to those Gods Of US Hard Rock. Well ... it IS !

Nothing new here, but those songs are great, catchy, rock 'n' roll and they will stay in your head for a long, long, very long time. By the way, the label forgot to compare them to Bon Jovi. I guess they though it might be too much. I don't !

Well I guess you have already see our logo "surprise of the month" and those guys play exactly the way they are presented in the promo-flyer. If you are a fan of the above-mentioned bands and if you like US Hard Rock, I really suggest you to "shutdown" your computer NOW and go to your nearest cd-store and ... hear it for yourself !!!

Killing Songs :
Five To Nine, Color Me Fire
Danny quoted 88 / 100
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