Tapping The Vein - The Damage
Rebelution Entertainment
Gothic Rock
11 songs (52'47)
Release year: 2002
Tapping The Vein, Rebelution Entertainment
Reviewed by Jack
I was listening to that stuff and after a while I just asked myself whether or not I should or should not review this album. Shall I consider this album as some heavy metal stuff ? In fact I don’t care whether I should call it metal or rock since I decided it was worth to review it on Metal Reviews... Well, once again I have surpassed myself with a killer introduction.

The Damage is Tapping The Vein first album after releasing a couple of EP. And for all the German beer drinker out there, the band has nothing to do with German thrash metal band Sodom. I think I have read somewhere the band chose this moniker because of a book by Clive Barker (I could not tell you more about it). The band plays a nice gothic alternative rock metal in the veins of… well I don’t really know since I am not really familiar with rock influence. I could somehow compare them with The Gathering era How To Measure A Planet? but that would be very reducing for the band to compare them with dozens of other to the Dutch superstars.

Tapping The Vein’s biggest asset is with no doubt the clear melodic voice of Heather Thompson. She has a very smooth and soothing voice, but she sometimes gets very angry and I have to say I don’t quite like it when she express this kind of inner rage. As for the music almost all of their songs start with a slow melody and then the music becomes stronger and louder. The music shows a lot of variety due to fine use of synth and samples along with mid-tempos clean and lightly distorted electric guitar work.

I don’t think this band can make a great impact on today’s scene because they try to reach two different world. On one hand their music tends to reach the gothic metal community, but on the other hands they brought elements in their music belonging to the alternative rock scene. I figured you download an mp3 from their website and make yourself you opinion about this band.

Killing Songs :
Butterfly, Beautiful, Broken
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