Persuader - The Hunter
Loud N' Proud
Melodic Heavy Metal
9 songs (39'30)
Release year: 2000
Reviewed by Danny
Album of the month

Yes, yes and yes again. I haven't experienced this feeling since ... Blind Guardian "Tales From The Twilight Word" and Hammerfall or In Flames albums (who said Jesper ?). What an album my dear readers !!! A killer.

Nine "heavy metal" tracks in your face (one instrumental, no ballads). First influence of Persuader is without any doubt Blind Guardian : Persuader's song-writting, with all those breaks, fast riffs, extra-mega-melodic parts (verse, guitars, chorus) and this typical aggression reminds me Blind Guardian. And as for the melodic-aggression, the next band that comes to me is In Flames (guitar and on some vocals). Another point that has also blasted my brain are these unbelievable guitar solos.
I cannot explain them, they are so great, flooding from everywhere ... at any time.

Production is crystal clear. Singer is good and I am really impressed by his performance. These guys look so young on the photo and have plenty of time to become even better. I am already looking forward for the next piece. This album will find its place in your heavy metal collection without any doubt. Don't miss it for the world !!!

Killing Songs :
Danny quoted 92 / 100
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