Arise - The Godly Work Of Art
Spinefarm Records
Melodic Death Metal
10 songs (42'15)
Release year: 2001
Spinefarm Records
Reviewed by Danny

It became almost a normal ritual. When we receive an unknown band from Spinefarm Records (Finland), our brain projects an image of a ... new melodic death metal band. This was again the case for this record : Arise, The Goodly Work Art.

Based on the cover art, you could expect a cold and freezing ambiance through out the record. I was betting for In Flames ... I didn't fall that much wrong. In fact, after a few spins, In Flames is a "potential" influence, but I would also quote Darkane or Sins Of Omission. Aggressive vocals, sharp and precise riffs, thrashy tempo ... the usual melodic death metal board. Actually, too usual :(

The song-writing will reminds you tones of melodic death metal bands (as I have mentioned here only a couple of influences). The songs are honest and this Goodly Work Art is well produced. However, I had a lot problems to enter in this CD as almost every song remind me another band. This is a good record ... but the talent of Soilwork, Dew Scented (the thrash elements) or the unique In Flames touch are now trademarks and these new bands should try other directions ... new directions, new sounds.

Of course, this is a typical "rocky" mistake and it is not disturbing to see (listen) these bands "imitating" their brothers of arms. The opening track (record title) is interesting, but fall exactly in the "rocky picture" just explained above. The first interesting track might be the fourth one, Delusion Of Life, as the vocals integrates perfectly the cold, aggressive and freezing death ambiance. The solos and the tempo are "less" usual, while the drums is filling the place. The band should continue to explore this direction in the future.

The fifth track, Hatebrush, with its fast thrashy tempo, is also another source of hope for Arise. Even though the whole song reminds you Soilwork (not to say Slayer), this song gets printed in your mind quickly. I guess this one is a guaranty live headbanging time. Aggressive vocals, fast tempo, destructive drums, every part of the song is labeled melodic death metal. Nice shot.

Cellbound is also a good shot, even though the inspiration comes directly from the previous track, Hatebrush. The rest of the album is unfortunately falling in the "déja-vu" trap. With an exception for the last track, Motorbreath, where I discovered how sounds a melodic death-punk song :)

If you like Soilwork, In Flames (early years), Sins Of Omission or Dew Scented, I suggested you to check this record .... especially if you buy everything from this metal scene.

Killing Songs :
Delusion of life
Danny quoted 72 / 100
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