Enter My Silence - Remotecontrolled Scythe
Mighty Music
Melodic Death Metal
9 songs (34'43")
Release year: 2001
Mighty Music
Reviewed by Alex

I picked up Remotecontrolled Scythe by Enter My Silence in the used CD shop I frequent. I already had my hands full with various stuff when my friend and I stumbled on a box full of promos by the unknown bands. My friend told me: “Buy a few of these; it isn’t going to break you”. $4 I spent on Enter My Silence was certainly worth it.

While hailing from Finland this young band seems to be transplanted directly from Gothenborg and local school of Swedish metal. The biggest influence on the band, I think, is Dark Tranquillity, a plus in my book since the latter is one of my favorite bands. While not entirely devoid of influences, the band manages to create its own sound. The most characteristic positive feature of the album is this rich, fat and groovy guitar sound. Whether it is the riffs, sweeping leads or weaving harmonies two guitars simply shine. The rhythm section is very heavy, but drum production could be better as often high-hat and cymbal sound is reduced to treble noise. Vocals are where Enter My Silence reminds me of Dark Tranquillity the most. The vocalist must have studied Stanne down to articulation and word pronunciation which is, again, good. If you want to pick an example to follow, may as well make it a worthy one. Overall, the music is drawing the listener in by being half’n’half melodic hooks and crunchy riffs.

The whole album has no ups and downs. On one hand it is good – no filler material, but on the other hand there isn’t this one memorable moment you can always come back to. The songs on the album run together a bit (notice no track by track review), and production needs to improve, but for a first full-length Remotecontrolled Scythe is an excellent foray into Melodic Death Metal.

Killing Songs :
Irrelevant, Inhale/Exhale, Nevernity, Mindfill Effect
Alex quoted 73 / 100
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