Throcult - Hunted
Self Financed
Blackened Death/Thrash Metal
3 songs (13'36")
Release year: 2002
Reviewed by Alex

I wanted to review this 3-track demo by Throcult for several reasons. One - it was sent to me directly by band's guitarist Nick Jackson (the gesture I always appreciate), and - the stuff is good! Throcult are a part of bustling Colorado metal scene. And while Jag Panzer comes to mind first, there is much more the local scene has to offer. For example, I followed melodic death band Serberus for a while. One of their guitarists, Ivan Alcala, recently joined Throcult, more aggressive and quite a bit more black metal oriented outfit.

Hunted was my first introduction to Throcult and if the upcoming full-length is anything like this demo, count me as one standing in line to get it. All 3-tracks on the demo have redeeming qualities. None of them is like another which makes me really guess what the whole album will be like.

The first track Kill or Be Killed is a concoction of equal part black metal intro and atmosphere, death metal chugging riffs and thrash moments. Judging from the conviction with which the singer screams the song title I don't think he intends to "... Be Killed". Consider him among predators. The song is dedicated to the events of September 11.

Even more blackened atmosphere seeps in on the second track Hunted. The eerie sounding keyboard is mainly responsible. At times, it sounds almost chilling and demonic. Periodic bursts of double bass blasts and quickly screamed passages complete the song. Probably my least favorite track on the demo.

Eclipse of the Blood Moon starts out with the speed tremolo picking reminiscent of Dissection. In opinion of this reviewer, this defunct band is still the best in the blackened death territory, so there is nothing wrong with that. Fast Maideny melodies over blasting drums alternate with more mid-tempo death metal riffs. Vocal shrieks draped with keyboard sound contrast with faster Dissection-like parts extremely well and hold the interest throughout.

I heard that the band's drummer has been replaced. I obviously have no idea on whose initiative it happened, but a big flaw of the demo is drum sound. The snare or one of the toms sounds like an upside down empty plastic bucket. This, however, is about the only low point of an otherwise excellent (for a self-produced demo, anyway) production.

Throcult is well worth the attention of any metal fan interested in more underground than mainstream. While maintaining the raw edge characteristic of the underground, the undeniable quality is there.

Killing Songs :
Eclipse of the Blood Moon
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