Dies Irae - The Sin War
MetalBlade Records
Death Metal
10 songs (39:58)
Release year: 2002
MetalBlade Records
Reviewed by Crims

Well, I had said I would review this CD about two weeks ago, but that didn’t happen since final exams got in the way. But here it is, the latest release from Dies Irae entitled The Sin War… better late than never I suppose. If you’ve read my review of their debut Immolated, you’ll know that Dies Irae is a super group of sorts made up of prominent members of various Polish Death Metal bands, the most notable members being Doc and Mauser from Vader. In case you have no interest in reading my review of Immolated I’ll quickly give a synopsis of it. Basically, the band combined elements from Vader and US Death Metal bands into a well played, but not the most original package. The CD was saved though thanks to brutal songs, excellent drumming, and a good atmosphere. So what have Dies Irae changed this time around, if anything?

This time Dies Irae have slowed things down a tad. Yes, they are still brutal and heavy but their songs are now more structured. Some of the intensity is lost, however, the newfound variation in the songs is a welcome addition. Also, the vocals from Novy have improved and now there is a very slight hint of Thrash (in some songs more than others). The result is an overall more satisfying experience than Immolated in that regard, and a surprising one, to me at least, as I did not think Dies Irae would even release another CD after Immolated. Unfortunately, the quality of the songs are not quite as high this time overall. The first two songs are crushing and fast (the most similar songs in the style found on Immolated, although more Thrashy). The mid-section of the CD is where the variations in tempo and song structure come in. At first it is only mildly successful; the songs aren’t really bad and have good moments such as the ending of Internal War, but there is just something missing… something that grabs the listeners attention from beginning to end, not just at certain parts. There are sections that will make you stand up and pay attention, but solid releases through and through have your attention during the whole song. This trend continues with Horde Of Angry Daemons which while being an above average song sounds a little too much like The Nameless City from Immolated at times for my liking. Things slowly start to pick up with Infinity though. This track sounds very cool at the beginning and remains nice and punishing throughout and features some original bass work (why couldn’t they have bass like that more often?). Genocide Generations is where the slight Thrash leanings are the most obvious, the result continues the move upwards in quality of the CD as you go further into the track listing. The remaining four tracks are really good, in fact, the highlights of the CD in my opinion. The Truth features more Thrash tendencies and the aforementioned song structure style. Beyond Sensual is probably the best song found on The Sin War and is instantly memorable.

Where as Immolated was solid with every song (but with very few tracks being “outstanding”), The Sin War starts out strong, stumbles a bit, and finishes with a powerful punch. Basically, the best songs on The Sin War are a lot better than the best songs on Immolated (with Lion Of Knowledge being the possible exception), so it’s a mixed bag. Some people might prefer the more brutal style on Immolated, and others might prefer the more structured and catchy style on The Sin War (make no mistake though, when I say catchy do not think this still isn’t crushing and heavy). Also, because there still aren’t very many new things being brought to the table (some will complain that they still sound too much like Vader, so why bother doing a side-project... and in a sense, those people would be right), those of who prefer their Death Metal to have a really fresh sound might be disappointed though. But if you’re looking for well-played Death Metal with quality riffs, leads, and drumming, then The Sin War should appeal to you nevertheless.

Killing Songs :
Comrade Of Death, Infinity, Genocide Generations, The Truth, Beyond Sensual, Nine Angels
Crims quoted 80 / 100
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