Saltatio Mortis - Das Zweite Gesicht
Napalm Records
Medieval Metal
12 songs (46'02)
Release year: 2002
Saltatio Mortis, Napalm Records
Reviewed by Jack
Und jetzt kommt Saltatio Mortis aus Deutschland mit ihrem neuen Schalplatten Das zweite Gesicht, ein Band die… oops ! After listening to this album I thought I had to do this review in German. Poor me ! German is such a tough language to learn that I was fortunate not to have to do this review in that language. I know what I am talking about since I have studied German for several years in school, but thanks to Rammstein I don’t dislike this language anymore.

Saltatio Mortis plays some kind of folkish music that sends us back to medieval times when people were struggling to survive. Well folks, we are lucky not to live in this time anymore. I have no clue what the band is talking about and since I don’t really like their sound I am not interested in seeking answers. The ancient instruments form the basis of Saltatio Mortis’ unmistakable style and the melodies and songs are food for the soul that yearns for a music in love with the Middle Ages. The origins of the melodies and instruments are not only unmistakable, but are played and rocked in a futuristic form by the band, which is especially proud of its far-reaching visions. After a first album Tavernakel, Marktmusic des Mittelalters (Market Music of the Middle Ages) the band was signed by Napalm Records (Tristania, Sirenia, Summoning, Hollenthon) and now they've released their second album Das zweite Gesicht (The Second Sight). I still wonder why did Napalm Records sign this band ? Well, I suppose if there are people listening to black metal, then there must be people listening to medieval metal ! As for me, I don’t see anything worth listening to this band and I have to say it was pretty damn painful to listen to this album in its entirety. I know as a reviewer I have to be open minded, but don’t ask too much. I own the album A Legacy Of Love by German band Antichrisis and let me tell you that was a great album worth listening to.

This band is probably worth watching on stage with a pint of Guinness in one hand, but when it comes to listening to this album in front of a white page that you have to blacken, then it’s not really something you might enjoy. I will not blame the band or whatever since they seem to take lots of pleasure in doing what they to, but sometimes 46 minutes can seem like a long time…

Killing Songs :
Jack quoted 30 / 100
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