Planet X - Universe
InsideOut Music
Instrumental Progressive Metal
11 songs (56'23)
Release year: 2000
InsideOut Music
Reviewed by Chris

Now I'm not a huge fan of Prog Metal, and I'm pretty sure many of you noticed already. I love Dream Theater and some other Prog Bands like Wuthering Heights but the list is short believe me. Usually the strong points of Prog bands is that their members are viruoso of their instruments and can make some things you didn't expect musically speaking. But also they can get extremely boring if you ask me. Okay enough generalities and let's see where Planet X stand in my definition of Prog Metal.

The music is sure original and highly technical and there's nothing to say as for the talent of the players but that's not enough for me. I like some part very much, some nice riffs, some nice melodies then and there, but also they are some boring moments to my opinion. In the other end there's also some wonderful moments, but it alternates quickly into something I like less or is more jazzy sometimes... I really dunno but I know that this entire mix of things makes me not want to listen to it.

So Basically I'm not fund of it but I guess it's just me. I'm pretty much sure die-hard Prog Metal will love it. So If you're a Prog Metal fan this one is for you. But if like me Dream Theater is the exception and you're more into True / Power or classic Heavy Metal you should try it first.

Killing Songs :
Some moments only...
Chris quoted 59 / 100
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