Alchemy X - 11:59:59
Unisound Records
Progressive Rock/Metal
13 songs (45:10)
Release year: 0
Alchemy X
Reviewed by Jeff

When I hear the term "alchemy", I associate it with words like "chemistry" and "metal". When I hear the term "x", I usually associate it with the word "unknown". So when you combine the word "alchemy" with "x", you get a formula from a band that mixes different "chemicals (or styles if you will) of metal". The end result created is something that the listener can fill the blank "x" with.

I first heard Alchemy X on the Howard Stern Radio Show. Howard had Chris Scorsese participate in a game show (The Gossip Game) featuring Mike Walker from the National Enquirer. Howard also interviewed Chris about their new CD, "A Delicate Balance". I remember hearing some of their music at the time and liking it. But somewhere along the way side my pursuit to find out more about this band was sidetracked.

Only until recently discovering Vyndykator's "Heaven Sent From Hell" album did I realize lead singer Bob Mitchell was also handling the vocal duties for Alchemy X. I had also heard a few tracks on the on line webcast show called "Audio Aggression". This furthered my interest and I contacted Bob Mitchell to have him send me a copy of the newest Alchemy X album, "11:59:59". Thankfully, Steve Ratchen sent me an advanced copy of "11:59:59" as well as the first Alchemy X CD, "A Delicate Balance".

Alchemy X is a progressive rock/metal outfit from New Jersey. They consist of Bob Mitchell on vocals, Chris Fox and Rob Screiber on guitars, Steve Ratchen on bass, and Chris Scorsese on drums. Their music is similar in style to other progressive rock/metal bands like Rush, Fates Warning, Dream Theater and Symphony X. The songs on "11:59:59" range from clean, ballad like parts that use acoustic/nylon guitars and piano interludes to thick, guitar power chords and riffing highlighted by keyboard passages. The rhythm section of the drums and bass help level out the bottom end of the music. The band uses a good mix of melodic and heavier styles, alternating well between the two when shifting gears. The album is continually in motion from start to finish. Some songs are preceded by shorter instrumentals which connect the songs together. The musicianship on this album is excellent! The overall mix and production is good, though not as polished or overdone as some of the other bands I mentioned.

A big surprise for me on this release is the way Bob Mitchell handles the vocals. I'm used to the way Bob has sung with bands like Attacker, Sleepy Hollow and Vyndykator. The progressive style Alchemy X uses in their music gives Bob the opportunity to really show a range the former bands I mentioned didn't allow him to sing at. He can sing so melodic at times that it is hard to believe he is one in the same.

Overall I was impressed with what "11:59:59" had to offer. The songs on this album sunk in much faster than alot of the other progressive rock/metal songs I've heard recently. Definitely worth checking out! For more information on this band go to their website.


Killing Songs :
Renaissance, Penance, Interlude (More Than Real), Beyond The Veil of Sorrow, Looking Glass Memoirs, 11:59:59
Jeff quoted 84 / 100
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