Skyfire - Mind Revolution
Hammerheart Records
Progressive Death Metal
9 songs (42'54")
Release year: 2003
Skyfire, Hammerheart Records
Reviewed by Jay
Album of the month

I first heard of Skyfire from CDNow (before it was assimilated by Borgazon) by looking up Rhapsody and clicking on related artists. The only other related artist was Skyfire. I clicked the link and saw the listing for their debut album “Timeless Departure.” It had some sound clips that instantly hooked me (Rhapsody sounds nothing like Skyfire so I don’t know who associated these two bands). It took some searching but thanks to the holy mecca of music stores (Vintage Vinyl in Fords, NJ), I found the disc. Once I got it, I must have listened to it for a month straight. It was my discovery of last year. With that, I was eagerly awaiting their new album. It took longer than expected (since some of the men of Skyfire are university students in Sweden) but the wait was worthwhile.

Skyfire has changed their direction somewhat. The first album had a folky feel to some songs. This album takes the sound in a more progressive direction. Comparisons have been made between Skyfire and Children of Bodom but honestly, I think that the two Skyfire albums are far superior to anything that Children of Bodom have done recently. They combine influences from such a wide variety of sources as Dream Theater, Entombed, and Cradle of Filth to name a few. The new album does show off the classical training the band. It is a much more mature and articulated album. Where “Timeless Departure” had many fast aggressive moments, “Mind Revolution” is much more calculated and articulated. It reflects more mature composition and is a musicians’ album.

The title track in particular shows the mastery that these five men bring to the craft of an album. The keyboard intro/outro gets you hooked. The vocals compliment the guitar and keyboard work and the rhythm section could not be tighter. This is what progressive music is about. All time changes are handled smoothly. “Shapes of Insanity” has to be the most progressive track Skyfire has produced to date. The drum work on this track is booming and thunderous. “Blinded by Euphoria” has an intro that fellow Swedes Opeth would be proud to write. The song goes on to feature many of the signature styles that Skyfire featured on their first album. Continuing in that vein, “Colliding in Mind” is more of the older style sound with a faster and more aggressive sound. This song also has spectacular bass and vocal work. Since bass is often neglected in Death/Black metal, it is great to see Skyfire taking the time to make it an integral part of the listening experience. “Haunted by Shadows,” the first single, is a multi-part track and it fits together extremely well. The keyboard work on this track shines as well.

The fatal flaw with “Timeless Departure” was its length. It was a good album but when it was over, you were incomplete. It was not a complete listening experience. Where that album failed, “Mind Revolution” delivers. When it is over, you are whole. There is a sense of closure and completeness. If you liked the first album, this is a must buy. Children of Bodom fans will be remiss if they pass up an opportunity to listen to a band that schools them in the classes of metal.

Killing Songs :
All but Mind Revolution, Haunted by Shadows, and Blinded by Euphoria stand out.
Jay quoted 90 / 100
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