Two Fires - Two Fires
Clique Records
10 songs (63'40)
Release year: 2000
Clique Records
Reviewed by Chris

Another demonstration to prove that Metal doesn't have to be 100% fast and agressive to be nice. A nice simple Hard-Rock band with very nice songs and very catchy melodies and you get a very good album like this one. This is the kind of band you could easely find to make a score for an hollywood movie.

The lyrics are only love stories and honestly there's nothing new here. The singer sounds like everyone (no offense), which means you seems you know him and it's because in the 80's many guys sounded like that in many Hard-Rock bands when those were popular.

The nice thing with this album is that you can put the CD everywere and noone will complain about it's agressive sound or whatever else people can blame the metal for (pussies :) ). And this is definitely a CD your girlfriend will enjoy. So nothing new and thrilling, 13 good songs with good production that sound nice and sometimes that's all there is to it. I like it !

Killing Songs :
There all nice (not killing)
Chris quoted 70 / 100
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